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When working with our Trusted Partners under our management, they deliver the same level of excellence and service you can expect from wagdsi

Bank in a Box SaaS platform to bring banking to all

We work with our SaaS platform providers to integrate your legacy systems into their cloud offering Digital Banking Platform, Point of Sale Platform, Online Payments Platform, & Anti-fraud platform to mention a few.

Cloud Platform Engineering Company

Our experienced Cloud Partners can work with yours to build automated, secure, observable and cost-effective cloud platforms to all levels of the cloud maturity model. They follow agile methodologies to deliver incremental changes with short feedback loops & a focus on continuous improvement, believing this is the best way to effect technology change

Full Digital Agency Solutions

Our Digital Agency partners provide a comprehensive suite of services that cover all aspects of digital marketing, and can offer support and advice across the whole digital marketing mix.  Get all the services you need in one place.

Our Sustainability Partner

Harho, a pioneering force in sustainable indoor gardening solutions. Sharing a joint vision for environmental responsibility, our partnership signifies our combined effort to promote eco-conscious practices, reduce carbon footprints, and champion societal change. With Harho by our side, we're embedding sustainability into our ethos, driving innovation beyond the digital realm and into a greener future."